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Serving Johnston, Harnett And Wake Counties

Legal problems come in all shapes and sizes. From an embittered divorce to embezzlement charges to disputes over a noncompete agreement, we help clients from all walks of life. Resolving legal concerns and providing much-needed reassurance is what we do at the Breeden Law Office.

Life is not over. Navigating a painful divorce or being charged with a serious crime can make a person feel like there is nothing left to live for, but that is not true. New relationships can be built. Freedom can be won. Futures can be restored. Let us guide you through the legal process and help you find hope again.

Raleigh Lawyers Who Actually Stay In Contact

Many lawyers maintain walls of people between themselves and their clients. When clients call, they can reach a paralegal or an associate or a guy in the mailroom, but they can't actually get to their attorney. This is an incredibly frustrating but common experience for many people seeking legal help.

At the Breeden Law Office, we are proud to provide one-on-one attention from our lawyers, who work hard to keep in contact with clients throughout the entire legal process. Our attorneys hold high standards of communication, copying clients on emails to judges and other attorneys, responding promptly to their concerns and remaining available to answer questions. When you want personal service, you can count on us.

Providing Aggressive Advocacy

At the Breeden Law Office, we do not shy away from the courtroom in our aggressive protection of our clients' rights. Individuals dealing with the end of their marriage or facing prison time over a criminal charge need that level of advocacy. We don't take shortcuts or try to sidestep the law. Everything we do on our clients' behalves is done with the highest standards of ethics.

Personal, Efficient Service That Puts Your Best Interests First

By identifying our clients' goals, we can help them move toward a positive resolution. That resolution may come through negotiation with opposing parties or by taking the case to court. In every situation, our clients' best interests come first. Our mission is to provide cost-effective and efficient service that promotes the very best outcome.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our Lillington, Clayton or Raleigh attorneys for family law, criminal law or business law, please contact us online or by calling 919-661-4970.